Be One

If ye are not one...well, you know.

Clerk Tools enables bishoprics, stake presidencies, high councilors, clerks, and executive secretaries to act as one. Have confidence that every needful thing is prepared, and available at your fingertips. A house of order helps to hasten the work.


Stake Presidency

Be confident that the assignments you make are recorded and completed. That confidence allows you to keep your eyes focused on the work and glory, not the busy work. Follow up and review your business when it is convenient for you. The business of the kingdom is no small thing. Clerk Tools gives you what you need to stay on top of things without getting in the middle of it.

You'll have a heightened awareness of what is happening, giving you a clearer vision to act. Get the information you need, right when you need it. When you complete an assignment, simply check a box and your clerk and secretary will know you did it. You have access to everything your secretary or clerk records at your fingertips. You will truly act as one when you work from one central tool, rather than 5 separate binders. Unite with your clerk and executive secretary to work as one.



You know those days when your clerk is out of town and you really need something he recorded in his binder? What about the time the Sunday School President gave you some names for teachers that you forgot to talk about in Bishopric meeting? These are things that slow down the work. Hasten the work by keeping all these records in Clerk Tools. Slipping through the cracks will be a thing of the past.

Let Clerk Tools remember for you, so you can focus on the inspiration on who to call, not praying for help to find the sticky note you misplaced. As you unite with your clerks and secretary in using Clerk Tools you will be working in one place. Working as one, even when one of you is out of town. Your Primary President will be all smiles when you get her staffing needs addressed sooner than ever before.



Don't ever doubt how important your job is. The stewardship of recording when the keys speak is no small thing. These things must be attended to with great earnestness. You know this. You've probably also tried several different ways of managing the load you carry. Clerk Tools brings it all together into one central place, where you and the presiding officers have full visibility.

You already record the minutes of meetings. Why not do it in a place where those who attend the meeting have immediate access to the minutes without you having to do anything more? When your bishop or stake president makes an assignment to someone, why not record the assignment in a place where it immediately appears on that person's assignment list? Ready to sustain someone in sacrament meeting? Why not click a button and have the paperwork ready, without having to type it all up? Why not put assignments in a place where return and report is as simple as the touch of a button? Less paper, more doing. That's the power of Clerk Tools.


Executive Secretary

Preparing for Sunday is a busy time. You've got appointments to arrange and agendas to prepare. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a tool for preparing agendas that already knew what you need to discuss? Ordinations, missionaries, and callings that are in the process of approval are automatically included on your agenda. Last meeting's minutes can also drop in with a simple click.

When you and the clerk work as one with Clerk Tools, you will spend less time on the busy work. You'll be more efficient and a better steward. You'll know, along with the bishopric or stake presidency, the progress of calls and ordinations. When all of you use Clerk Tools you will all have a better view of how the business of the kingdom is progressing. You'll be better able to help the keyholder stay on top of things. He relies on you for it. Use a tool that is designed specifically to hasten the work.


High Councilor

Act quicker, be more nimble. As soon as you are given an assignment it shows up on your device. Report it as complete and immediately your leaders know its done. Shorten the feedback loop and hasten the work. You'll make fewer trips to the Stake Center to check your box. Receive all the paperwork from the Presidency automatically without the need to carry a binder full of paper.

Be the arms and feet of the President. Get done what he needs you to do more efficiently. Then you'll be freed up to receive inspiration to act in your office. You'll be better prepared for each meeting and be more engaged. When all the pieces are in one place, you'll work together with the Presidency, as one.