Come and See for yourself.

Starting at around $1/week per unit. Try it free for 30 days.

Stake Only
$ 99 /year
Unlimited Stake Users
Built-in Stake Callings
Stake Mtg Agenda System
Tools for High Councilors
Ward Only
$ 89 /year
Unlimited Ward users
Built-in Ward Callings
Ward Mtg Agenda System

All of our plans come with a 30 day trial with no credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a credit card to signup?

You do NOT need a credit card to create your account. In fact, you don't need a credit card at all to use Clerk Tools. You certainly can use a credit card, but we also understand how things work in the clerk's office. If you would rather send us a check we are happy to accept a check from your ward or stake. We do not take personal checks. We know that your ward or stake does not have a credit card for transactions like these, so we simply don't require it.

These are sacred funds. What do we get for the money we spend?

We appreciate the sentiment. We agree that the funds allocated to the wards and stakes are sacred and you should do your due diligence in deciding how best to spend them. We strongly believe that this small investment will help to move the work forward. The funds support our development and the hosting of the system so that you can access it anywhere you have internet.

Can I cancel at anytime?

You can stop using Clerk Tools at anytime, but we do not offer refunds for your unused portion, so you might as well dig in and use it. You will have 30 days from the time you sign up to test drive Clerk Tools.

Why do we pay once a year?

We are sensitive to what goes on in the clerk's office. We know that the fewer transactions you have to process, the better. In order to ease the burden on clerks, we only require one payment per year to keep your account(s) active. This lowers the amount of work for everyone and allows us to keep our pricing as low as $1/unit/month. We want you to focus on the work of the ministry, and cutting a check each month for the service would just create more work for you.

Unsure which plan is best for you? Have other questions? Send us a message